SkinChanger for PartyPoker

Easy and quick changing of the looks of PartyPoker – background images, cards and much more.
I am proud to present you the SkinChanger: free and open source!

The SkinChanger helps you to “skin” the PartyPoker software. It copies the necessary files to the right directories. You can flexibly arrange your skin seeing a preview before it is installed.



SkinChanger.exe (version 2.05) (ca. 380KB)


What the program does for you

  • Compatible to both english and german PartyPoker client
  • Organizing complete skins
  • Changing of skins (layout, cards, …) with shortcuts or scrollwheel possible
  • Automatically creates a backup of all PartyPoker client images
  • Looking for updates & downloading them automatically
  • Looking for skins & downloading them automatically
  • Complete preview of the selected skins
  • Layout, cards, arrows, frames & cardbacks can be individually arranged
  • Full portability; program dir is specified by the user
  • Donate function, to help the project


Content of the program

  • SkinChanger program (.exe)
  • layouts (39 classic, 13 modern)
  • arrows (5 classic, 8 modern)
  • frames (12)
  • cardbacks (13 classic, 14 modern)



Installing is easy. It breaks into 2 parts: Setting up the PartyPoker software and downloading SkinChanger:

Set the following options in the PartyPoker software

  1. Table Options->General Options: check “Enable 4-color deck” AND uncheck “Display charakter/player image on table”
  2. Player Image->Classic Table Characters: “Classic characters”
  3. Themes: Card Decks: “Default”; New Table: “Default”; Classic Table: “Default”

Install SkinChanger like this

  1. Download the SkinChanger programs (see section Download)
  2. Start SkinChanger.exe
  3. If you already have a Skin folder then click “Yes”, browse to that directory and select it; otherwise click “No”!


Source code

You can download the source code and compile your own exe.



Here you can make a donation for the SkinChanger project. These donations help keeping the SkinChanger up and running.


I did what I could to prevent major program bugs, but I cannot guarranty freedom from error. Use it at your own risk. What I can guarranty is that I wrote the code by myself (except the scripts that come with AutoIt) and that I am hosting all files on my webspace.


Contact regarding SkinChanger


ICQ: 138 674 268

MSN: jonathan mnemonic

Skype: Jonathan Staxton


  • Martin commented on 31. July 2014 Reply


    Your DONATE button doesn’t work.


    • jstaxton commented on 31. July 2014 Reply

      Thx for the info! The Button is fixed.

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